Wacky hair I know!! We were jumping so yeah!!??..

She is a sassy gurl!!! Don't make me snap my fingers in a "Z formation"  lolol

This is me and Jessica and we are blowing you kisses!! XOXO    

WOW!! what did we do now??!!

we are special agents!!:) put your hands up........ and wave them like you just don't care lol:)....

Gettin down to buiness now!!..

You got it sisa!!!!

I guess it is time to go to bed..??!!

We were visting in Paris so yeah we had to do something!!??.. NOT!!!  (good excuse)


once again we were visting in Paris and we had to do something so we did this...... NOT (nice excuse huh?) LOL:)

wats up??!!..

well then.....

this is me and Jessica we were going a little crazy as you can tell in these fotos so yeah that explains it.......????!!!!! :):) <3333333 aren't we glamorous?? we know the answer you don't have to tell us that!! YES!!!!! :) I hope yu like them!!:)