MAX!!!! <3

This is Max the only dog I have!! :) IDK what I would do w/o him he is my love!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv you buddy !!!!!!!!!!! Max is 11 years old (in dog years he is like 70 or something) and still acts like he is a baby and really he is a baby!!!! we have had Max since I was 1 years old I got to pick out the color and there was a black and golden one I was afraid of the black one so we bought the golden one and my aunt bought the black one and his name was Rocky but they had to lay him down because they fed him human food all the time and he got really fat and he couldn't even really run so he couldn't get his excerise! :(

 But anyways I love my dog MAX he is da best dog in the world!!!! I <3  you MAX!!!