WHO AM I !!??..

My name is Kayla Dawn Taylor I was born in Vacaville,California. I currently live in North Carolina with my parents . I am the only child (some people say that I am lucky but sometimes it can get really boring so.. yeah) I have 1 pet, a dog his name is Max and he is a golden labardor. He is my Baby and I <3 him to death!!!

FRIENDS- I ♥ my friends to death I could not live with out my friends they always have my back! they are awesome we will always stay in touch no matter how old and wrinkly we get!!

Family- not all of my family lives in north carolina wit me but I still love them alot my moms family lives in ohio and my dads mom and dad ( grandma and grandpa) live in south carolina and my dads bro ( aunt and Uncle) live i charlotte north carolina. I don't know what I would do without them here they are ahhhhmazing i love them to death

I am 13 years old I go to Marvin Ridge Midddle School and currently a 8th grader there!! but now it is summer so now I get to see my friends at the beach and all that stuff!! :) ♥